A Pomelaj
is someone who can
provide for himself
or herself through their
own labour

For the good of the people!

The Pomelaj Cooperative brings together people who make a living through local materials and know-how, as well as new opportunities and insights.

Pomelaj is a cooperative that offers employment to disabled and other vulnerable groups from the Prekmurje region. By respecting local traditions and skills, we create new opportunities for employment and the development of rural areas.

Socially responsible.
Sustainable. Ethical!

Our mission is to discover and develop people's potential as well as to co-create space and opportunities for the development of entrepreneurship and tourism, and to preserve the natural and cultural heritage.

Employment Center

The cooperative was created to encourage the development of rural areas and the economic benefits of its members on the basis of their equal participation as well as mutual help and self-help.

Education and Training

The Pomelaj Cooperative also arranged many courses and workshops.

Joint marketing service

In accordance with the basic purpose of our activities, our help with the development of the local environment, and local partnerships, we strive to help others. In addition to the sale of our own husk and osier products, the cooperative enables other local producers to offer their selection of handicraft products as well. A joint appearance on the market provides synergistic effects to all, making our selection more diverse and therefore more interesting to different target groups of customers.


 is where the past
inspires the future

Visit the homestead

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