is where the past
inspires the future

Pomelajevo is a world of good. The center of this world is an old homestead, protected as a monument, that sits in the middle of Mala Polana village in Prekmurje.

The Pomelaj homestead (known locally as the Sabolova homestead) is one of the features of the area that, together with the birds of the European Stork Village, connects new and old times, new and old opportunities, but also preserves the spirit of Miško Kranjec's literary works and the respect for old crafts and skills.

Locally distinctive.
Globally special.
Imbedded in the everyday life of the locals.

Pomelajevo is a space that, through its appearance and events, inspires its employees and visitors alike to connect the past with the future. Here, items are handmade from natural resources known for centuries which will continue to tell the story of natural cycles even after their use.

Our story

Knowledge from yesterday. Products for today. Nature for eternity.

Pomelajevo is where there is enough corn husk and osier.

Pomelajevo is an area where we diligently grow flint maize, a type of corn that is indigenous to the Prekmurje region, and plant willows in the swampy area.

Pomelaj's wickworkers take the corn husk, which we call "bilje", and osier, which has many different shades depending on the time of cutting and processing, and create items that show their usefulness time and again.

A local type of corn.
Our own osier plantation.
The timeliness of each errand!

"Pomelajevo bilje" is not just corn husk but a precious material whose true qualities are in the making throughout the whole year! Only when the wickerworkers properly moisten the dry corn husk before bending it into strings will it obtain a silky texture and a special shine, revealing the natural shades of white through yellow to violet.

Come and visit Pomelajevo.

We offer a presentation of the Pomelaj homestead, the Cooperative, and the Pomelaj employment center, an opportunity to see the creation of husk and osier products, and workshops that teach how to make husk products.

A walk through Pomelajevo

Visitors can familiarize themselves with the local trade and activities in rural areas from the past and the way everything connects to the present, while also learning about the different materials, techniques, products, their usefulness in the past and present.

EUR 5.00 per person
(individual guests)

EUR 4.00 per person
(groups of 8 people or more)

The price includes the presentation and tasting of jams, salted breadsticks, and roasted pumpkin seeds.
If you would like to visit, write to info@pomelaj.si or call +386 41 549 256.

Be pomelaj.

Pomelajevo is
where your hands awaken.

Be Pomelaj

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