Prekmurje-style Homestead (Prekmurska domačija) in Lipa


Lipa is an idyllic village that stretches across the flat area of Prekmurje in its entirety. In the middle of the settlement sits the tourist destination Prekmurje-style Homestead (Prekmurska domačija). The Pannonian Prekmurje-style homestead (Prekmurska domačija), together with its gear, is one of the main monuments of folk culture in Prekmurje. In Lipa, you will find on display a typical homestead: a Pannonian house (built from wood, covered by straw), gümla – barn, a well, farm tools and equipment. The house is home to the information office, including a shop which is also the information point of the Mura Ecomuseum. In the big room, visitors can watch a film about Pannonian architecture. Business hours: prior arrangement or announcement required.

Proizvajalec: ZRP Pomelaj z.o.o.

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